The Perfect Underwear Made of Bamboo Fabric

The Perfect Underwear is made from Viscose Rayon, an amazing new bamboo-derivative yarn. It all starts at small family farms in the jungles of Asia, where the bamboo is harvested in their “grass” phase (before they grow into the massive wooden shoots). These soft and supple fibers are sent to a textile plant, where they are further crushed and shredded. The long bamboo fibers are then treated to break down the enzymes and transform them into incredibly soft, silken threads. These threads are then twined together, resulting in Viscose Rayon—one of the softest fabrics on the planet (and a great alternative to synthetic products such as polyester or nylon).


Benefits of Bamboo Fabric

  • Eco-friendly: As if having a happy crotch wasn’t enough, your purchase of this natural product is also environmentally-friendly. Who knew that saving the planet could be so comfortable!
  • Softer: Underwear made from bamboos is more delicate than silk and provides comfort all day long. While most underwear can be uncomfortable and itchy, bamboo boxers and panties leave you with peace of mind making you feel comfortable in your skin.
  • Faster to Dry Out: The tiny holes and gaps that are present in bamboo underwear enable aeration and evaporation of collected moisture, leaving you with a pleasant feeling of ease no matter how much you’re sweating.
  • Thermo Control: No matter how hard you work, the Viscose bamboo fabric ensures that you feel cool and refreshed as it whisks away all excess heat. The fabric itself is extremely breathable.
  • Odor Resistant: The antimicrobial and breathable natural feature of the bamboo shoot carries on to its underwear as it wicks away all odor, be it from excessive moisture or heat during the day or night.
  • Hypoallergenic: Bamboo underwear is excellent for those with sensitive skin. Individuals who suffer from itching and/or irritability can wear it as a natural solution to their allergy. Its hypoallergenic feature means that it is rarely infected by bacteria, unlike fibres like cotton, which are human-made.

Benefits of Wearing Bamboo Underwear

Incredible Comfortable

When you first slip into a pair of brand-new bamboo underwear, you’ll be struck by how incredibly comfortable they are. If you’ve ever wished to experience the underwear multi-millionaires can afford, this is as close as you’re going to get. One has to imagine that God personally passes out The Perfect Underwear at the VIP section of Heaven.

The secret is the Viscose Rayon fabric, which is so soft and can be sewn in such a high thread-count, that the final result is softer, cooler, and smoother than silk also a reasonable price.

No Ride-ups

If you’ve ever had the unfortunate experience of wearing low-quality underwear, then you know exactly how bad ride-ups and chafing can get. These cheap underwear use low thread-count polyester with poorly-sewn seams, giving them a scratchy and uncomfortable feel (until their elastic gives out and you have to buy a new pair!).  

You’ll never suffer this with The Perfect Underwear. Instead, you’ll receive the perfect amount of support provided by soft threads and properly-engineered side panels. You’ll swear you were walking through a cloud with an angel gently cradling your package.

Moisture and Heat-Wicking

As a man of action, you don’t need your day marred by an uncomfortable crotch or a stinky, soggy scrotum. NO! That’s precisely what we seek to avoid when purchasing underwear. Well, with The Perfect Underwear’s unparalleled moisture and heat-wicking abilities, your package will remain cool, dry, and comfortable.

Durable and Easy-to-Clean

Owning a pair of The Perfect Underwear is a breeze. While silk underwear tears easily and requires delicate washing and special drying, our bamboo underwear is durable and built to last. Wash and dry them whenever and however you wish. But don’t let the incredible silkiness of the Viscose yarn fool you—it is strong and tear-resistant and will last for years (ultimately saving you money over cheaper underwear needing more frequently replacement).  

Who Can Benefit from The Perfect Underwear?

Basically, anyone with balls and an appreciation for comfort. Couch potatoes will enjoy lounging in the extreme comfort of our underwear, while people especially active or living in hotter climates will love the cooling and moisture-wicking properties. The Perfect Underwear move with your body no matter how much you twist and turn, and you’ll experience the uncomfortable ride-up.

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